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Moody's Healthcare Quarterly (Newsletter)

14 pages (6301 words) — Published Jul 16, 2012
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...The Supreme Court decision upholding key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which effectively translates into no change to the current reform environment, is credit negative for US healthcare insurers, particularly as we approach implementation of key provisions of the law that go into effect in 2014. Since its passage in 2010, our view has been that PPACA would have negative credit implications for health insurers owing to the additional regulations and restrictions the act imposes on insurers. These regulations and restrictions include limits on profitability through minimum medical loss ratios, new taxes and assessments that would exacerbate the affordability issue as insurers seek to pass these costs on to consumers, and reductions in revenues, both explicit (Medicare Advantage reimbursement reductions) and implicit (more aggressive review of rate increases). In addition, the penalties that accompany the mandates for individuals and employers are not...

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