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Mauritius, Government of

2094 words — Published May 30, 2014
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Global Credit Research Country Statistics 30 MAY 2014 Country Statistics: Mauritius, Government of Mauritius, Government of Download Country Statistics in .csv format Lead Analyst: Lucie Villa Issuer Rating - Foreign Currency Baa1...

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Country Statistics

Mauritius, Government of
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Mauritius, Government of - Credit Opinion – 2014/07/01 – $150.00 – Global Credit Research Credit Opinion 1 JUL 2014 Credit Opinion: Mauritius, Government of Mauritius, Government of Ratings Category Moody's Rating Outlook Stable Government Bonds Baa1 Mauritius Country Ceiling: Fgn Currency Debt A2/P-2...

Mauritius, Government of - Analysis – 2014/03/30 – $300.00 – ... supports its Baa1 rating despite its small size (nominal GDP of $11.9 billion in 2013). The economy has proven resilient to the unfavourable external environment over the past years, owing to its successful attraction of foreign direct investment and diversification of exports. Both help to mitigate the economy's external vulnerabilities and support its favourable external debt metrics. Moreover, the government can rely on its relatively developed domestic debt markets, and has modest external exposures. We also note that political risk is assessed at very low, given well- established democratic institutions and a tradition of coalition politics. In contrast, we note that Mauritius's debt affordability ratio (interest payments / revenue) and current debt stock (53.8% of GDP in 2013) continue to compare unfavourably with those of its Baa-rated peers. Although the government is committed to lowering public- sector debt to below 50% of GDP...

Moody's : Les émissions obligataires internationales des États africains ont déjà dépassé leur niveau historique depuis le début de l'année - Announcement – 2013/10/10 – $150.00 – Global Credit Research Announcement 10 OCT 2013 Announcement: Mozambique, Government of Moody's : Les missions obligataires internationales des tats africains ont dj dpass leur niveau historique depuis le dbut de l'anne DIFC - Dubai,...

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