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Mauritius, Government of

Mauritius, Government of - Moody's Global Credit Research
Mauritius, Government of
Published Nov 25, 2015
4 pages (3008 words) — Published Nov 25, 2015
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...[1] Excludes re-exports [2] Sum of Exports and Imports of Goods and Services/GDP [3] Composite index with values from about -2.50 to 2.50: higher values suggest greater maturity and responsiveness of government institutions [4] Series break in 2009 [5] Current Account Receipts [6] Series break in 2009; Excludes re-exports [7] Series break in 2010; Includes Global Business cross-border transactions from 2010 onwards [8] Series break in 2010; Includes Global Business cross-border transactions from 2009 onwards [9] (Interest + Current-Year Repayment of Principal)/Current Account Receipts [10] (Short-Term External Debt + Currently Maturing Long-Term External Debt + Total Nonresident Deposits Over One Year)/Official Foreign Exchange Reserves [11] Liabilities to BIS Banks Falling Due Within One Year/Total Assets Held in BIS Banks [12] Total Foreign Currency Deposits in the Domestic Banking System/Total Deposits in the Domestic Banking System [13] Total Foreign Currency Deposits in the Domestic...

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Mauritius, Government of
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Government of Mauritius: Government Faces Challenges Achieving Statutory Debt Target - Issuer Comment – 2016/02/08 – US$ 200.00 – ...Statutory debt forecast assumes debt of state-owned enterprises and government cash reserves remain a constant proportion relative to 2015. Source: Statistics Mauritius, Moody's...

Mauritius, Government of - Credit Opinion – 2015/11/24 – US$ 300.00 – ...Credit Strengths Mauritius's credit strengths include: - Dynamic and reasonably diversified economy - Stable and investment-friendly business environment - Pragmatic and competent policy-making Credit Challenges Mauritius's credit challenges include: - High public debt relative to peers - Small size of its economy - Vulnerability to external shocks Rating Rationale Mauritius' Baa1 government bond rating was affirmed on 24 November 2015, maintaining a stable outlook. This was supported by our expectation that Mauritius's key credit fundamentals will remain stable over the next two to three years. The Baa1 is supported by the high resiliency of the Mauritian economy which is reflected, in the context of our sovereign rating methodology, in our assessment of a `Moderate +' economic strength and `High +' institutional strength. On balance, government finance, is the main constraint on the Baa1 rating, reflected by our `Moderate' assessment of fiscal strength. Mauritius's economic strength is...

Moody's affirms Mauritius's Baa1 government bond rating with stable outlook - Rating Action – 2015/11/24 – US$ 200.00 – licensors or suppliers is advised in advance of the possibility of such losses or damages, including but not limited to: (a) any loss of present or prospective profits or (b) any loss or damage arising where the relevant financial instrument...

Mauritius, Government of - Analysis – 2015/05/28 – US$ 200.00 – ... supports its Baa1 rating, despite its small size. The economy has proven resilient to an unfavourable external environment, thanks to its successful attraction of foreign direct investment (in the financial sector, tourism and real estate) and diversification of exports. The authorities' proactive stance in maintaining Mauritius's attractiveness, coupled with the stable political environment, has contributed to this success. We view political risk as being very low, given the well-established and functioning institutions and the tradition of coalition politics. Mauritius stands out in the region for its ease of doing business, its low taxes, and the importance given to the private sector's views in shaping the economic policy. Lastly, the ample liquidity available in the domestic capital market supports the government's capacity to access local currency denominated funding. The authorities' key challenges are to (1) continue fostering...

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