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Mauritius, Government of

Mauritius, Government of - Moody's Global Credit Research
Mauritius, Government of
Published Nov 28, 2016
4 pages (2501 words) — Published Nov 28, 2016
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...[1] Excludes re-exports [2] Sum of Exports and Imports of Goods and Services/GDP [3] Composite index with values from about -2.50 to 2.50: higher values suggest greater maturity and responsiveness of government institutions [4] Fiscal year accounting starting 2016. Fiscal years ending June 30, e.g. 2016 refers to fiscal year 2015/16 [5] Series break in 2009 [6] Current Account Receipts; Series break in 2009; Excludes re-exports [7] Series break in 2010; Includes Global Business cross-border transactions from 2010 onwards [8] Series break in 2010; Includes Global Business cross-border transactions from 2009 onwards [9] (Interest + Current-Year Repayment of Principal)/Current Account Receipts [10] (Short-Term External Debt + Currently Maturing Long-Term External Debt + Total Nonresident Deposits Over One Year)/Official Foreign Exchange Reserves; Series break in 2009 [11] Liabilities to BIS Banks Falling Due Within One Year/Total Assets Held in BIS Banks [12] Total Foreign Currency Deposits...

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Mauritius, Government of
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Government of Mauritius Baa1 Stable: - Credit Opinion – 2016/11/21 – US$ 250.00 – ...+ The credit strengths underpinning Mauritius's rating include (1) a dynamic and reasonably diversified economy; (2) stable and investment-friendly business environment; and (3) pragmatic and competent policy-making. + The credit challenges for Mauritius include (1) high public debt relative to peers; (2) Small size of its economy; and (3) vulnerability to external shocks....

Government of Mauritius: Budget Seeks to Reconcile Economic, Fiscal Consolidation But Implementation Risks Remain - Issuer Comment – 2016/08/05 – US$ 200.00 – ...Foreign Currency Local Currency Gov. Bond Rating Baa1/Sta Baa1/Sta Country Ceiling A2 A1 Bank Deposit Ceiling Baa1 A1 Source: Moody's...

Government of Mauritius: Financial sector is a source of growth and diversification, but also systemic risk - Sector In-Depth – 2016/06/07 – US$ 750.00 – ...As Mauritius's (Baa1 stable) financial sector has grown, it has supported economic development and generated foreign-currency earnings. Meanwhile, the authorities have managed to maintain macroeconomic stability while supporting the sector's competitiveness by fostering financial innovation, and preserving tax and non-tax competitive advantages. That said, the authorities' mandate for preserving macro stability is becoming increasingly challenging for two reasons. First, the complexity and size of the financial sector, with many balance sheet linkages among financial institutions, contribute to contagion risk. Second, the amended Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with India, which is scheduled to come into effect in April 2017, will weaken the industry. Having examined the challenges and opportunities the Mauritian financial industry offers, we conclude that: + Macroeconomic stability has been the norm. Despite the small and open nature of the Mauritian economy, it is relatively...

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