First Commercial Bank - Moody's Global Credit Research

First Commercial Bank

First Commercial Bank - Moody's Global Credit Research
First Commercial Bank
Published Jan 05, 2016
8 pages (4412 words) — Published Jan 05, 2016
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...Category Moody's Rating Outlook Positive Bank Deposits A2/P-1 Baseline Credit Assessment baa3 Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment baa3 Counterparty Risk Assessment A1(cr)/P-1(cr) Parent: First Financial Holding Company, Ltd. Outlook Positive Issuer Rating A3...

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First Commercial Bank
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First Commercial Bank: Credit Opinion Update - Credit Opinion – 2016/06/06 – US$ 130.00 – ...First Commercial Bank's baa3 BCA reflects its good asset quality, improving capitalization, and sound liquidity profile. The bank's A2 deposit rating takes into account very high probability of support from the Taiwan government (Aa3 stable), given the bank's status as a state-controlled bank and its solid market position with 6%-7% market share in loans and deposits. The very high level of support also reflects the Taiwanese government's track record of support for the banking industry, and the banking industry's importance to local economy. First Commercial Bank's impaired loan ratio has been improving steadily since 2012, and the ratio fell to 0.9% at end-2015 from 1.4% at end-2014. The bank also reports good problem loan coverage ratio, with impairment allowances amounting to 158% of impaired loans. The problem loan ratio may increase slightly in 2016 due to the economic slowdown and challenging macroeconomic conditions in Taiwan, but we expect the bank to retain relatively sound asset...

First Commercial Bank - Banking Statistics – 2014/06/15 – US$ 400.00

First Commercial Bank - Banking Statistics – 2013/06/03 – US$ 400.00

First Commercial Bank - Company Profile – 2013/02/26 – US$ 250.00 – ...First Commercial Bank (FCB) is Taiwan's fifth-largest bank in terms of total assets and loans, with market shares of 5.6% and 6.3%, respectively, as of 30 September 2012. As of the same date, the bank reported a consolidated asset base of TWD2.1 trillion (USD71.1 billion). FCB provides a range of retail and corporate banking products, as well as trust services. It operates mainly in Taiwan, with a network of 188 branches as of 30 September 2012. The bank's international operations include 1 overseas business unit, 15 branches, 1 representative office, 2 sub-branches of Phnom Penh branch in Cambodia and a US subsidiary, First Commercial Bank (USA), with 7 branches. FCB was founded in 1899 and privatised in 1998. In January 2003, First Financial Holding Company, Ltd. (First FHC) was incorporated and became FCB's holding company in a share swap arrangement. At that time, FCB became a wholly owned unlisted subsidiary of First FHC, which is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (stock code: 2892)....

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