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Global Credit Research Credit Opinion 8 SEP 2011 Credit Opinion: Colombia Colombia Ratings Category Moody's Rating Outlook Stable Country Ceiling: Fgn Currency Debt Baa2/P-3 Country Ceiling: Fgn Currency Bank Deposits Baa3/P-3 Colombia,...

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Colombia - Banking System Profile – 2013/12/19 – $550.00 – ...Banking System Structure: The Colombian banking system reported total assets of nearly COP338 trillion ($191 billion), equivalent to 51% of GDP, ...

Moody's changes outlook on Colombia's government bond rating to positive - Rating Action – 2013/07/08 – $150.00 – Global Credit Research Rating Action 8 JUL 2013 Rating Action: Colombia Moody's changes outlook on Colombia's government bond rating to positive New York, July 08, 2013 -- Moody's Investors Service today has changed the outlook on...

Correction to Text, May 31, 2011 Release: Moody's upgrades Colombia's bond ratings - Rating Action – 2011/08/19 – $150.00 – Global Credit Research Rating Action 19 AUG 2011 Rating Action: Colombia Correction to Text, May 31, 2011 Release: Moody's upgrades Colombia's bond ratings New York, August 19, 2011 -- Added missing Regulatory Disclosures: Subsequent...

Colombia - Analysis – 2011/06/15 – $300.00 – ...On May 31, 2011 Colombia's foreign currency rating was upgraded, merging the government's local and foreign currency bond ratings at Baa3. The upgrade reflects the country's proven ability to deal with internal and external shocks as well as Moody's view that the country's institutional framework is well placed to deal with an expected commodities driven revenue increase in coming years. Colombia's Baa3 foreign and local currency ratings are supported by a history of coherent and predictable macroeconomic policies, an impeccable debt-service track record, and ample access to financing in domestic and external markets. The country has shown remarkable resilience dealing with both economic and political shocks and in recent years has reduced the threat from armed groups while keeping debt levels stable in the midst of a world crisis. Colombia's main debt metrics remain below the Baa-median. The ratings are constrained by a still relatively low GDP per capita, which at $8,869 on a purchasing...

Colombia - Country Statistics – 2011/06/01 – $300.00 – Global Credit Research Country Statistics 1 JUN 2011 Country Statistics: Colombia Colombia Download Country Statistics in .csv format Lead Analyst: Gabriel Torres Country Ceiling Bond Rating - Foreign Currency Baa2 Bank Deposit Ceiling...

Moody's upgrades Colombia's bond ratings - Rating Action – 2011/05/31 – $150.00 – Global Credit Research Rating Action 31 MAY 2011 Rating Action: Colombia Moody's upgrades Colombia's bond ratings New York, May 31, 2011 -- Moody's Investors Service has upgraded the Colombian government's foreign- currency bond rating...

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