Arabian Gulf Electricity Industry - Moody's Global Credit Research

Arabian Gulf Electricity Industry

Arabian Gulf Electricity Industry - Moody's Global Credit Research
Arabian Gulf Electricity Industry
Published Oct 07, 2008
15 pages (8171 words) — Published Oct 07, 2008
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... is experiencing a period of great challenges as it attempts to keep up with unprecedented economic and demographic growth throughout the region. Forecasts of electricity demand growth a nd the investments required to meet this growth vary. According to MEED*, up to USD50 billion could be spent in the six GCC countries by 2015 in support of an estimated increase in generation capacity of nearly 60,000 megawatts (MW). Additional substantial investments will also be required to update the transmission and distribution networks. This report highlights the key trends within the power industry and their potential implications on the credit environment. Mood y s has identified si x critical factors that are likely to impact company ratings within the industry going forward: ...

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