Insurance Public Companies
NameTicker (Exchange)CountryMarket Cap (US$M)
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.BRK.A (New York Stock Exchange) United States$420,620
Ping An Insurance (Group) Co of China Ltd (Shanghai Stock Exchange) China$141,635
China Life Insurance Company Limited601628 (Shanghai Stock Exchange) China$113,730
Allianz SEALV (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Germany$92,090
AIA Group Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) China$90,894
AXA SACS (Euronext Paris) France$69,532
MetLife, Inc.MET (New York Stock Exchange) United States$58,918
American International Group, Inc.AIG (New York Stock Exchange) United States$58,896
Prudential PLCPRU (London Stock Exchange) United Kingdom$58,601
Aetna Inc.AET (New York Stock Exchange) United States$50,853
Anthem, Inc (Mexican Stock Exchange) United States$50,202

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