Sri Lanka Banks Report Card 1H19 - Fitch Research

Sri Lanka Banks Report Card 1H19

Sri Lanka Banks Report Card 1H19 - Fitch Research
Sri Lanka Banks Report Card 1H19
Published Nov 13, 2019
7 pages (3470 words) — Published Nov 13, 2019
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...Fitch-rated banks accounted for around 90% of the sector's assets at end-1H19 The six largest banks together represented 71% of sector assets and 77% of sector deposits The level of credit penetration has been increasing. Bank credit/GDP has risen to 52% at end-1H19 from 37% at end-2014 The 1H19 decrease in sector loans has stemmed mostly from contraction at BOC, PB, CB and HNB. Loan expansion across the other banks was relatively subdued, with private sector credit growth decelerating to 8.7% in June 2019 The lending rate cap was a response to regulatory concern over deceleration in credit demand and continued increases in NPLs and is intended to accelerate the effects of previous measures to reduce lending rates Sector concentrations remain in consumption, construction and wholesale and retail trade The main sub-sector in construction is retail housing (around 73%). Commercial property development (around 14%) has been growing rapidly...

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