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Shriram City Union Finance Limited (SCUF) AK TRUST 2008 (India ABS)

18 pages (25543 words) — Published Jul 07, 2008
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...Fitch Ratings has assigned expected ratings to the pass\01through certificates (PTCs) to be issued by AK Trust 2008 \01 I (an SPV) as indicated at left. This transaction refers to a securitisation of the receivables from an underlying pool of consumer durable and two\01wheeler vehicle loans. The loans were originated by Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. (SCUF, the originator or seller; rated A(ind) ) with an aggregate outstanding principal balance of INR1,138.3m and future receivables of INR1,353.1m, a s of the cut\01off date on 31 May 2008. The expected ratings are based on the quality of the collateral, the underwriting criteria and servicing c apabilities of SCUF, the sound legal and financial st ructure of the transaction, and the available credit enhancement in the form of a cash reserve of 5.0% of the future receivables provided by SCUF and a bank guarantee of 8.6% of the future receivables provided by Standard Chartered...

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