Government-Related Entities Rating Criteria - Fitch Research

Government-Related Entities Rating Criteria

Government-Related Entities Rating Criteria - Fitch Research
Government-Related Entities Rating Criteria
Published Nov 13, 2019
15 pages (8767 words) — Published Nov 13, 2019
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...This report sets out Fitch Ratings' methodology for assigning new and for monitoring existing international credit ratings to government-related entities (GREs) within corporates globally, infrastructure and project finance globally, and non-US public finance. The criteria set out in this report supplement and are applied in conjunction with: the Corporate Rating Criteria, the Rating Criteria For Infrastructure and Project Finance, the Public Sector, Revenue-Supported Entities Rating Criteria, Rating Criteria for International Local and Regional Governments and the Non-Bank Financial Institution Rating Criteria. These criteria do not apply to commercial or investment financial institutions such as banks, but they may apply to entities which do not have, in strict terms, a legal ownership (due to their structure or specific status, such as foundations, associations or charities), but which are subject to a high level of government control. National Ratings for GREs are not derived in the...

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Rating Criteria

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