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Global Infrastructure & Project Finance 2010 Outlook

25 pages (13165 words) — Published Mar 01, 2010
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...Fitch Ratings sees its global infrastructure and project finance rating outlooks in most sectors stabilizing and in some cases moderately improving in 2010. This follows two consecutive years where credit outlooks turned clearly negative. The improvement in outlooks is in the context of an anticipated global scenario of gradual economic recovery throughout 2010 and onward. It is also in part a consequence of the rating actions taken so far, which have been mostly negative to reflect higher levels of credit risk, and the recognition that a further negative shift is therefore less likely going forward. No sector is associated with a positive outlook yet for two main reasons: the pace of the recovery is uncertain, so we do not expect rapid growth in revenues in 2010 and 2011, and also projects for the most part still have many years to operate and as a result will go through other cycles in the future. As expected coming into 2009, the world economy endured serious deterioration as the year...

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