Credit Analysis on Ghana - Fitch Research

Credit Analysis on Ghana

Credit Analysis on Ghana - Fitch Research
Credit Analysis on Ghana
Published Feb 11, 2008
16 pages (27804 words) — Published Feb 11, 2008
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...Affirmation of Ghana s B+ ratings reflect the facts that Ghana is comfortably ahead of both B and BB medians on international rankings o f governance and political stability, while extensive external debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiatives (MDRI) has delivered public finance and external solvency ratios broadly in line with B medians. These factors, coupled with good progress with financial sector, legal, regulatory and institutional reforms, have made Ghana more resilient to shocks and earned it access to international capital markets in October 2007. Still, Ghana remains a low in come country with a relatively short track record of macroeconomic stability unaccustomed to a much less benign global economic environment. Seen in this light, the recent emergence of sizeable fiscal and current account imbalances, coupled with a sharp rise in gross external financing...

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