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City of Levallois

City of Levallois  - Fitch Research
City of Levallois
Published Nov 12, 2008
15 pages (21366 words) — Published Nov 12, 2008
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...The Rating Watch Negative (RWN) on the City of Levallois is based on increasing refinancing risk on its commercial paper (CP) programme due to poor liquidity market conditions and concerns about the timeframe of the sale of the construction rights by SEMARELP, the 80% city\01owned company that manages land development projects (ZACs). Levallois ratings reflect its favourable socioeconomic profile and above\01average tax flexibility. They also take i nto account the high level o f net direct risk. Levallois has a favourable socio\01economic profile, which benefits from its strategic location in the inner suburbs of the western Paris business centre. This has a direct impact on the city s tax bases: in 2007 its business tax base per capita was EUR3,872, compared with EUR1,915 for comparable cities in France. Levallois has above\01average tax leeway despite annual tax rises during 2004\01 2008 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)...

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Levallois, City of
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