Country Forecast United Kingdom May 2019 - EIU Country Analysis

Country Forecast United Kingdom May 2019

Country Forecast United Kingdom May 2019 - EIU Country Analysis
Country Forecast United Kingdom May 2019
Published May 07, 2019
51 pages (29346 words) — Published May 07, 2019
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United Kingdom 49 Country Forecast May 2019 ¬ The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2019 Foreign trade and exchange controls 1. Capital-account liberalisation 5 4.8 5 4.8 2. Tariff and non-tariff protection*...

Geography / Regions
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United Kingdom--highlights: Political outlook
United Kingdom--highlights: Business environment outlook
United Kingdom--highlights: Economic outlook
United Kingdom--highlights: Demographic outlook
United Kingdom--highlights: Market opportunities
United Kingdom--highlights: Long-term outlook
Fact sheet
Political outlook: Political forces at a glance
Political outlook: Political stability
Political outlook: Political and institutional effectiveness
Political outlook: Election watch
Political outlook: International relations
Business environment outlook: Business environment rankings
Business environment outlook: United Kingdom's business environment at a glance
Business environment outlook: Macroeconomic environment
Business environment outlook: Policy towards private enterprise and competition
Business environment outlook: Policy towards foreign investment
Business environment outlook: Foreign trade and exchange controls
Business environment outlook: Taxes
Business environment outlook: Financing
Business environment outlook: The labour market
Business environment outlook: Infrastructure
Business environment outlook: Technological readiness
Economic forecast: Policy trends
Economic forecast: Fiscal policy
Economic forecast: Monetary policy
Economic forecast: International assumptions
Economic forecast: Economic growth
Economic forecast: Sectoral trends
Economic forecast: Inflation
Economic forecast: Exchange rates
Economic forecast: External sector
Economic forecast: Foreign direct investment in United Kingdom
Demographic assumptions
Market opportunities: Market outlook
Market opportunities: Consumer expenditure
Market opportunities: Social indicators and living standards
Long-term outlook: The long-term outlook
Long-term outlook: Long-term trends
Long-term outlook: Methodology for long-term forecasts
Data summary: Global outlook
Data summary: Gross domestic product, current market prices
Data summary: Gross domestic product, at constant prices
Data summary: Gross domestic product by sector of origin
Data summary: Growth and productivity
Data summary: Economic structure, income and market size
Data summary: Fiscal indicators
Data summary: Monetary indicators
Data summary: Employment, wages and prices
Data summary: Current account and terms of trade
Data summary: Foreign direct investment
Data sources and definitions
Guide to the business rankings model
Indicator scores in the business rankings model

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