Country Commerce Honduras 2011 - EIU Country Analysis

Country Commerce Honduras 2011

Country Commerce Honduras 2011 - EIU Country Analysis
Country Commerce Honduras 2011
Published Jun 01, 2011
38 pages (16043 words) — Published Jun 01, 2011
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Geography / Regions
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Regulatory/market assessment
Regulatory/market watch
Honduras's position in the global economy
Political/commercial background: Political conditions
Political/commercial background: Market conditions
Political/commercial background: Currency
Political/commercial background: State role in the economy
Political/commercial background: Foreign investment
Political/commercial background: Recent foreign direct investment
Political/commercial background: International agreements
Organising an investment: Basic investment approval
Organising an investment: Investment-approval checklist
Organising an investment: Acquisition of an existing firm
Organising an investment: Building and related permits
Organising an investment: Environmental law
Organising an investment: Acquisition of real estate
Organising an investment: Establishing a local company
Organising an investment: Establishing a branch
Organising an investment: Requirements of a sociedad anonima (SA)
Holding patterns
Human resources: Overview
Human resources: Labour law
Human resources: Industrial labour
Human resources: Wages and fringe benefits
Human resources: Working hours
Human resources: Part-time and temporary help
Human resources: Termination of employment
Human resources: Employment of foreigners
National incentives: General incentives
National incentives: Industry-specific incentives
National incentives: Regional incentives
National incentives: Export incentives and zones
Corporate taxes: Overview
Corporate taxes: Corporate tax rates
Corporate taxes: Taxable income defined
Corporate taxes: Depreciation
Corporate taxes: Capital taxes
Corporate taxes: Treatment of capital gains
Corporate taxes: Taxes on interest and dividends
Corporate taxes: Taxes on royalties and fees
Corporate taxes: Double-tax treaties
Corporate taxes: Intercompany charges
Corporate taxes: Turnover, sales and excise taxes
Corporate taxes: Other taxes
Personal taxes: Overview
Personal taxes: Determination of taxable income
Personal taxes: Personal tax rates
Personal taxes: Capital taxes
Competition policy: Overview
Competition policy: Monopolies and market dominance
Competition policy: Mergers
Competition policy: Freedom to sell
Competition policy: Price controls
Exchange controls: Overview
Exchange controls: Repatriation of capital
Exchange controls: Profit remittances
Exchange controls: Loan inflows and repayment
Exchange controls: Remittances of royalties and fees
Exchange controls: Restrictions on trade-related payments
Trade policy: Overview
Trade policy: Tariffs and import taxes
Trade policy: Import restrictions
Trade policy: Taxes on exports
Trade policy: Free ports, zones
Trade policy: Export restrictions
Trade policy: Export insurance and credit
Intellectual property and e-commerce: IPR overview
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Protection of intellectual property
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Intellectual-property law
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Registering property
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Negotiating a licence
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Administrative restrictions
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Forms of e-commerce
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Growth of e-commerce
Intellectual property and e-commerce: E-government trends
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Consumer protection
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Contract law and dispute resolution
Intellectual property and e-commerce: Basis of taxation
Recent licensing agreements
Key contacts

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